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Quick start: Click the Scrape WSPRnet button in the panel above or hit Enter/Return.

After the table of spots arrives from WSPRnet click the Map or Charts buttons to better visualise the data.

Click prefs (Preferences) to customise things:

Recent changes

• Export your spot data into Google Earth using the [Save as...] button in Preferences
• Added auto-search. Automatically refresh your results every two minutes.
• Draw the locator square associated with any station's marker on the map.
• Complete revamp to support mobile devices
• Closing the Map legend also removes the Google Map controls, nice for small screens
• Small dot icons are red for Tx stations, green for Rx and white for Rx/Tx
• Use an asterisk * as the last character in a callsign for a wild card search (new dB only)

Other non-obvious features

• Convert spots to Google Earth KML for experimental Balloon tracking, see User Hints
• Display the Long Path for any spot
• Display Maidenhead locator squares & values, see User Hints
• Copy the spots table data for pasting in your spreadsheet
• Sort the spots table forward or reverse on any column
• Change the order of autosaved callsigns by dragging them up and down their drop-down list
• Choose WSPRnet or Classic band colours for spot lines and charts
• Spots table calculates total Km. Search your callsign+band+24 hours for a WSPR Challenge approximation
• Check for duplicate spots in the spots table and analyse their passband frequencies
• Check the distribution of spot frequencies in the 1400Hz-1600Hz WSPR passband
• Discover more features in the User Hints

Happy scraping.

73 Phil VK7JJ
PS. Peter VK2TPM has a neat iPhone/iWatch app for WSPR, check it out