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It's time to move to http://wspr.rocks
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wspr.rocks is very fast with great range of features and access to every spot ever reported.

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Are you missing out on these fun new WSPR tools?

wspr.rocks/head2head   NEW! Compare two reporters or beacons head2head.
wspr.rocks/topspotters   Top Spotters ranked by count, distance, band or dups.
wspr.rocks/topbeacons   Top Beacons ranked by count, distance, band or dups.
wspr.rocks/balloons   Track WSPR balloons and view their telemetery speed, altitude, temperature etc.
wspr.rocks/livequeries   BYO SQL query to the ultimate WSPR database, access every spot ever.
http://wspr.rocks   The next step up in WSPR mapping and charting.