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The Map page is no longer the default landing page to prevent map hits from itinerant traffic.

The Table, Map and Charts are now in separate divs to make switching simpler and faster.

You can stay on any page and scrape.

Update 2nd Oct 2018:

    (1) Band colours default to the new WSPRnet colours, original colours available from the Options menu.
    (2) The wild card character * can be used in callsigns in the new database, eg:

            tx: W1GJM   rx: VK*   finds all VK stations hearing W1GJM
            tx: VK*   rx: J*   finds all VK stations heard by J stations
            tx: VK*   rx: [blank]   finds all VK stations heard by anyone
            tx: [blank]   rx: VK*   finds anyone heard by VK stations
            NOTE: The * can only be used at the end

Happy scraping.

73 Phil VK7JJ

PS. There are some operating hints in the Options menu.